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Your Lights

Your path will glow
when you reach in
and turn on your lights.

Sun, Nov 24, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

We go in search of answers, and in the process of our exterior experiences, if we’re lucky, we transform inside. That transformation can happen so many ways. The ugliness of the world can turn us bitter if we let it. The beauty of the world can give us light if we let it. Don’t let people tell you it isn’t a choice. Don’t let people convince you that your circumstances determine your fate. The lens through which we view the world, we have control over that. And when you reach inside your interior universe and turn on your own lights, the path in front of you, how could it not illuminate?

Andrea invited me to a Cacao ceremony she hosted a couple of weeks ago, and that sort of inward facing through intimate ceremonial sharing with others looking inward as well does wonders for bringing clarity and articulation to the jumble that the mind sometimes is. Thank you for sharing your loving wisdom that day, amiga, and thank you to all who were there sharing theirs as well.