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Which World? Every World

The world never stops
falling apart. And if we
never stop evolving
we’ll survive.

Sun, May 27, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes
Micky was living in Bali for a large part of last year. There, she met a French Australian guy, and they became close likely siblings. That's how she ended up in Mexico City, because he's been studying here for the past six months, and she has been in Houston, where she's from. She contacted me about getting some physiopoetry, and it turned out she was staying only a few blocks away from my apartment, so it was clearly fate that we should meet. I say fate, but I guess I don't mean fate, because I don't believe in fate or that level of the universe's god-like involvement in our lives. What I mean is more like, sometimes the energy forces of the universe bring people together in a magical yet non-interventional way. Despite Micky, Michaela in long form, only spending a few days here, she chose to spend one of them with me, and that maybe encompasses one of my favorite parts of Skin on Sundays, a selfish part that leads me to meeting amazing, beautiful people and my life being that much better for it. Anyway, here is what we made that day, before spending the evening out on the town frolicking and dancing and laughing and drinking mezcal and eating late night tacos before retiring for the evening. Here's to being open and making new friends, in trusting your intuition on when to meet a stranger and invite her over to your house, to bonding with another soul, which is perhaps the best part about being human. +++

Throughout history, people have always thought the things going on would end the world. In recent history, nuclear bombs threatening to devastate the human race, if not make us extinct entirely, were a serious concern. Now, we have climate change. I don’t want to belittle climate change, because it is likely going to at least complicate life as we know it, if not cause us an eventual extinction with a long ride of decline in basic quality of life. And aside from climate change, we also feel the world is falling apart because of the microviolences that occur much too often (In the US because the availability of guns is far too lax, because racism that we still can’t get past creates systemic poverty that leads to poor education which leads to violence that won’t be stopped until we can figure out a way to stop hating each other for the way we look). These things destroy our spirit and make us feel like the world is done for. This poem is a reminder that we are not the first people to feel that the world is falling apart. So far, it hasn’t fallen apart; we haven’t gone extinct. Maybe as long as we keep learning, growing, evolving, once again, we will make it. This poem is a bit more personal, a bit less political, too. Because the worlds inside us can also make us feel debilitated and in despair when they starts to crumble. Yet, as long as we keep evolving, I think we will figure it out and we will make it through.

I didn’t know exactly why I wrote these words for Micky as I was writing them, because I didn’t know her until she decided to spend one of her few days in Mexico City with me, but now that I do know her, it must have been some energy connection I felt between us, as the poem seems to fit with her being like the moon fits into the sky.