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Tonight is screamless.
I am an island bathing
in her shallow seas.

Sun, Jun 25, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes

Sara is 27, from Mexico City. She must be daring to pose while a near stranger paints her bare chest and writes a poem over her heart in the space of a full moon. It seems that her daring comes from an eagerness to make the world a sweeter place--silence is not her answer to ugliness. Sara is also a music journalist and a bilingual poet and a free spirit and a lovely, lovely person whom I would love to get to know more. Maybe we can go hang out at El PĂ©ndulo one of these days?

I also want to mention that her poem was an accidental haiku, which feels significant. I bet it was her poetic energy transferring special poetry vibes that made it happen <3 You can find Sara on Instagram here. +++ I was also lucky to have met Arzu, an amazing young Chilango photographer who has mystically captured the exact essence of my idea in this photograph.