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Rising from
the boundless smile
of felicity
is autonomy. 

Sun, Oct 20, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

It's possible to be happy when you’re oppressed, restricted, persecuted, or maltreated by government and/or society. I know that we can and often do find ways to make whatever situation we are in work, ways to be happy even when we’re burdened with these things. But the deepest, most fulfilling, unburdened happiness comes when you don’t have to worry about being punished for being yourself, when you don’t feel afraid to walk outside in a dress because you’re a man and some people in society find that offensive, when violence and hatred and judgment and anger flying at you because of who you are are not a factor in your life. It comes from being free. Freedom takes all those weights off your shoulders so that you can truly express yourself and become your best self.

Everyone deserves to feel unburdened. Everyone deserves the chance to be who they are without feeling afraid. Everyone deserves to be free. I hope with all of me that society and governments globally will soon respect this basic human right and give all people of every sexual orientation, gender, race, and religion freedom. Happiness is freedom, and every single person on this earth should get the chance to experience it.

My lovely canvas today is Uriel, a good friend of mine, a man who loves men, and a man who loves wearing skirts. Society today, not in Mexico City, and pretty much not anywhere, allows him to wear a skirt and feel safe and free in public. Oh how I hope that changes sooner than later. 

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