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Unfold Your Soul

the climb feels long
at mid afternoon
no ladder
no rope
at some peak
in the distance
uncertainty transforms
into certainty
a view of the land so
you can see what’s coming
how many more mountains
how many more weeks
of isolation 
but that load of relief
is unknowable 
in this world
you are lucky
you have a soul
it unfolds
that is perhaps
the only knowable

Mon, Apr 6, 2020 | Model info | Footnotes

It can be difficult not knowing how long this pandemic will keep us in isolation. It can be difficult to spend so much time alone with yourself, especially when you’re used to combining your internal world with an external one. Though, as difficult as it may be, I suggest moving into it.

This is an opportunity to get to know yourself. What makes you anxious? Where does you mind go when you let it go unrestricted? What causes your boredom? What can you do to steer yourself out of discomfort or darkness or fear or pain? What are the things you need to feel present, joyous, and alive?

++ As always, thank you so much to my lovely canvas Tatiana.