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Time Are The Sunsets

Your mind falls pink
for an hour and before
you know it,
you’re not the same
as you were

Sun, Sep 17, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Karla is 27, from Zihuatanejo, Mexico, a mystical little surf town on the southwest coast of mainland Mexico. She has the vibes of that town--mysterious, profound, living freely and in the moment but with the edge of darkness informing her way of moving through space and time. Karla is an existentialist of the romantic sort. She believes in magic and reality equally, a quality I believe will leave her forever growing inward, learning from each of her experiences. Karla and I met in 2013, when I lived for awhile in Zihua. It was a period of transformation for both of us, and there is something powerful about living through that kind of internal movement together. This was the first time we've spent quality time together since that period four years ago, and we spent it in Tulum, Mexico over the week, where this photo was taken. Her presence in my heart is orphic, reminding me of the very sea we spent so much time in and beside all those years ago.