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The Soul: Expanded

Don’t waste joy
Don’t waste grief

Sun, Jan 5, 2020 | Model info | Footnotes

I have heard a lot of end of year/beginning of year talk (now that we've entered 2020) about how relieved some people are to start a new year and new decade, leaving the grief of 2019 or perhaps even the whole of the 2010s behind and start anew. A manmade marker of time is as good a time as any to close a cycle and open a new one, but in truth, I have felt some insincerity/ingenuity/overall fakeness in all of these grand claims of renewal. It’s not my intention to knock people off of a cloud of rejuvenation, only to remind those who want to leave the difficult times they’ve had behind them that you do not grow without facing your grief, facing your pain, really understanding it and dealing with it. It does not dissipate into the winds of the past just because a new year/decade starts. If you really want to move on or let your past go, you have to understand that grief and pain serve a purpose too. In many ways, grief is beautiful in its strange and hollow way. It offers some of the deepest means of growth, of understanding, of compassion, because once you’ve gone through the darkness, you’re offered a window into the whole of darkness that expands far beyond your own. Grief is as meaningful as any joy you will ever feel. It can’t be cast away just because a new year begins. You have to harness it, accept it, and learn from it in order to receive its gifts. Otherwise, it will continue to haunt you.

To my lovely canvas Bijou from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I am so grateful that you went out of your way to contact me so we could work together during your few days in Mexico City. It was an honor to share space and philosophy in our time together.