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The Rest

Let your mind do the math, 
your body do the work, 
and your soul do the rest.

Mon, Apr 15, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

It’s hard to let the machine of your being work it’s magic. We so often feel like we need to be in control of everything. Control is an illusion. Each part of our self has its own job or function. While the soul’s work is a bit less clear than that of the body or the mind, its role is just as significant.

Chris’ journey seems to perfectly match this sentiment, this division of labor amongst the different parts of our machines. Between the power of his body, mind, and soul, he was able to reach a place where he feels healthy and comfortable. He used to be fat, and now he isn’t. It was a decision he made (and a ton of work on all counts) to lose weight for a variety of reasons that brought to light the realization that his self, his soul, is still the same one now as it always was. What does that mean? It means our body is not a whole definition of who we are. It is just one part, where the other parts are equally as important. I thought it would be nice to bring this message to myself and you all today, as my birthday just passed on Friday, as a marker and reminder of this truth. Getting older, our bodies and physical appearances change. It can be hard especially given how society places so much weight on physical beauty. It isn’t just the body changing though. The mind and soul are growing, and I find as each year passes, I am happier and happier with who I am, my deepest self. Anyone else feel this happening as they grow older?

Today's gorgeous canvas is: Christopher Miles from Houston, Texas.