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The More & Less Physical Things

The capital city
of the heart
might be

a physical place,
and if we’ve found it,
we find yet another

round of asking.
What if the body
is the moon and

the soul
its reflection
onto the still sea?

Sun, Dec 18, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
Mary is 31, from Kendallville, Indiana, USA. She has studied psychology intensely, which has now landed her on the edge of modern neuroscience, in that she believes that understanding brain chemistry and its inner workings can lead a more accurate depiction of what is truly happening in the human mind. Having worked closely with victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, her investment in finding a kind of therapy more effective than only talking and listening is heartfelt. Right now, she is investigating and working closely with trans-cranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), where gentle electrical currents flow through the brain as a new means to a better end to things like coping with trauma, depression, and all sorts of other psychological issues. Mary and I first met 10 years ago when we were studying abroad in Alicante, Spain, practicing our Spanish on the beach and singing on top of old castles; last weekend, we met again in New York for the first time since. Learning about her new (ad)venture into the mind was high excitement for me, and I am so so happy we got to spend this time together. Malcom is 32, from Kansas City, Kansas, USA. He is a soft-spoken and thoughtful philosopher of the multiverse whose persuasion of philosophical thinking began with a heavy Christian upbringing, then branched into a more humanist and zen spirituality that is reflected in energy rather than deity. His free-spirit is not dressed in the traditional tie-die and endless wandering, though he has been known to wander from time to time, and can easily spend nights in dark Brooklyn pubs with other thinkers speculating about the state of all things past, present, and future for hours over sour beers. Mary and Malcolm are married and currently reside in a cozy apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York City with their dog Lewis. Lewis is a super lover and an expert nester, a reflection of his human parents. This photo was taken on the High Line, an elevated park that stretches a mile and a half down the lower west side of Manhattan on a section of railroad tracks no longer in use.