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The Interior Forest

So you found it,
where your energy meets
the earth–and you’re waiting
for other people to find it too.
You’re an animal, you’re a spirit,
you’re the sea and the dirt
and the mangosteen and
the atrocities and the magnitudes
of love. If you can
remember that all of this
can be part of you and still
you decide letting it all go
in the big sea breeze you’ve placed
yourself beside day after day,
the earth’s seeds may start to
blossom inside you, and you will
reach for them and use them
when you need to.

Sun, Aug 7, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
Rebecca is 28, living in Maui, Hawaii, USA. We came together through a mutual soulmate, and once we started spending time together, we realized two things. One, we already kind of knew each other quite well, and two, it made a lot of sense based on who we are as people why the same person would love us both. Rebecca loves poetry and math, the quiet of organic farming, the isolation that comes from island living. She is a social extrovert, a spiritual expert of the self, and a dreamer who turns dreams real. Devin is 28, from Maui, Hawaii, USA. I thought he was shy, because he's quiet, but I think he is just particular about who he converses with and what he says, because he likes a lot of alone time. Perhaps his soul would be missing something without the space of a quiet world around him, the kind of quiet made by gigantic palm leaves and the surrounding sea. Anyway, he is amazing, he radiates peace, and I feel so happy he felt comfortable to open some of his world to me. Rebecca and Devin live and run a beautiful, magical farm in Haiku, Maui, from which the land can provide them everything from food to guitars for as long as they bring to it loving hands. They are a spectacular team. I was lucky to stay with them for a few days at the opening of July, where they welcomed me like family into their sacredly remote tropical home.