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The First Eye

Don’t forget about the first eye.
The interior world may not exist
without the exterior one.

Sun, Dec 10, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
This is me. Sometimes I overthink (an understatement). One of the drawbacks of overthinking is not paying attention to the world in front of you, living in the moment. I also believe that part of living in the moment includes introspection, exploring the world of the interior, but the best case scenario is if there is a balance between both looking out and looking in. Do you ever have days where you just feel empty for no apparent reason? Everything is going well, nothing outrageous happened to change the mood, yet somehow, there is an emptiness overpowering things, a feeling that the world has lost the meaning it had been full of just before. During these times, for me anyway, my best course of action needs to be to start looking outward and more simply instead of inward for meaning. To enjoy things like the smell of garlic, the feeling of the warm sun or a soft blanket on my skin, to stretch the body out in a yoga-like fashion and feel the difference, not in the soul, but in the muscles and bones.

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