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Sun, Rises

Where is it
that the sun
of your body

Sun, Jul 7, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

You know how musicians just get together and play music freestyle sometimes, jamming? A bunch of women got together last Friday to do something similar, except instead of with music, it was across art lines—makeup, photography, poetry, styling, art modeling. We made some pretty incredible stuff during this #artjam and this is the first thing I’m going to share.

I met Valeria an hour or so before this photo was taken, and she shared some details of her life with me, not really because I was asking specifically to write about it, but just to know. And that’s partly where the poem came from, in those moments, as she was wondering about the origins of some strangeness and pain happening inside her, I started focusing on where the light inside her comes from as a sort of contrast.  Valeria has a warmth and natural openness I think many people strive for. It’s easy to be around her, easy to talk to her, easy to feel comfortable. In that, she makes it effortless for others to approach her and have an opportunity to know her, a gift she is constantly giving, perhaps without realizing it. I may not know where the pain she spoke of is coming from, and neither does she, but I suppose it’s also cool to know where the light comes from anyway.

The poem was born from the the gorgeous makeup Erika carefully brushed onto Valeria’s face as well. The combination of the colors and style of makeup with the personal details Valeria shared with me brought this poem fully into the world to be written on her skin. It was a collaboration in so many ways, between the canvas, the makeup artist, the photographer Arely who transformed the real life image into what you are seeing now, and also the host Regina who added dashes of magic and insight and creativity wherever she floated around that day. Our first #artjam mujeres was ridiculously successful thanks to everyone who showed up.

xoxo, Jessica