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Spiritual Hygiene

I keep the scent 
and smoke
of sage 
in the rooms
of my mind where
they have
the most power. 

Mon, Apr 8, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

She didn’t get married. She found the dress in a thrift store and is wearing it in different places amidst her travels so the dress ends up as a relic, as a story. Suom travels between the spiritual and physical realms with fluidity. There are powers beyond just in humans and animals; plants and objects have spiritual energy too, even more felt when we allow ourselves to compliment their energy with our own. And the power of the mind may be the most impactful thing we have. Being with Suom brings to life the awareness of this deep truth, and the term used in the title of the poem (spiritual hygiene) comes directly from her regular vocabulary. It's so great. It’s also lovely (in both heavy and light ways) to live in this realm, because the even greater power is harnessing how our souls mix with the universe. I hope today’s episode transmits some of that spirit directly to you.