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Scarred for Life

A scar is a scar is scar is a scar
where suffering is just one
part of the story.
Ail, feel, heal, ail, feel, heal,

Sun, Nov 10, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

Ted Meyer is usually the one making art on other people’s bodies. He’s a painter and photographer based in Los Angeles. I met him there in October 2019. Thanks to a mutual friend connecting us, he made his own body available for my art.

Ted’s art often uses the human body to tell stories about what it’s like to live with an illness. He himself has lived his whole life with Gaucher Disease, an illness that has affected his bones and joints. His own scars, both the physical ones on his body and the mental ones that illnesses can create, are a driving force for his phenomenal work. He has painted on bodies to turn scars into beautiful art and used medical equipment and medical images in his work as well. Those are just some examples of how he uses art to tell stories about what it is like to live with an illness. The short time I spent with him, when he opened up his home and also his gorgeous Moon Huts to me for our photoshoot, these were my principal moments of observation.

It’s interesting when you have studied people like Frida Kahlo and can understand in theory from a far-off perspective how she turned her illness into creativity. How she expressed her hurt by turning it into something that connects people. Ted is doing that amazing work too. Witnessing it firsthand, how someone who thought he wouldn’t live past 30 has used his illness and turned it into a gift, is something else. There are special people in this world who can take something so painful and reverse it, and I just want to take a moment to recognize how extraordinary Ted is. He’s not a victim who is angry at the cards he was dealt in life. His vibe is exactly the opposite: full of warmth and gratitude and love.

Thank you Ted, for showing me a little piece of your world and being my canvas. And thank you Sylvia Kouveli for making magic behind the camera as usual, and also for bringing us together to make this collaboration happen.