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Quite Home

The sky is in my belly
singing to me
with raindrops
and it is quite
home now.

Sun, Jul 16, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Lina is 29, from Toluca, Mexico. You know how sometimes your life goes from chill and fairly regular one moment to remembering that no path is ever certain, that you may think you see the way things will go, but really you don't and can't know that? Lina told me when we met a few weeks ago that she recently found out she's pregnant, and that she was moving from Distrito Federal to Tlalnepantla with her boyfriend's mama (which is where I was living with Omar's family for a few months when we first arrived in Mexico City). It's a happy accident, one filled with many unknowns, including the unknown of who her future self, version mother, will be. I can tell she is excited and nervous and calm and wide-eyed and zen about the adventure that is coming. Photo post-production: Arzu Martinez   <3