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Quarantine Question 6

Is there anything to gain
from loneliness?

Sat, Apr 18, 2020 | Model info | Footnotes

[self portrait]

We must gain something from loneliness. What is are those things? I think it’s important to ask ourselves this question (and these kinds of questions in general). Ask it to yourself. What do you gain from loneliness? I know there can be a lot of pain & grief & melancholy that comes from loneliness, but that can’t be all. I think taking the time to consider this would make the social isolation of the pandemic better not, and when we arrive out of it, we would all be better versions of ourselves.

One thing I gain from loneliness: self-awareness. Who I am is both tied into my surroundings and other people and separate from all that too. When I’m more alone (in my case that means not being able to be with my friends), I can see more clearly what goes “missing” so to speak. This is what I have discovered so far. I am a very free and independent person, and as much as I don’t “need” anyone in particular, it’s hard not having the people I love around in my physical space. Not being able to hang out with my friends puts into perspective just how therapeutic and calming their physical presence it. Being a bit of a firecracker at times, it’s clear how much that helps me be my best self.