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Mi piel no es un secreto

quien dijo que mi piel esta mejor en silencio?
quien dijo que mi cuerpo tiene que ser un secreto?
que soy una flor para proteger
que sentirse sexy es sucio
quien dijo que mi cuerpo no es una parte de mi alma
no es un océano vivo lleno de canciones de ballenas?


[My skin is not a secret]

who said my skin is better left unsaid?
who said my body has to be a secret?
who said I am a flower to be protected
who said feeling sexy is a sin
who said my body isn’t a part of my soul
isn’t a living ocean filled with whale songs?

Sun, Oct 21, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes
Any other mujeres out there harta de being judged by how we look, what we wear, how much skin we’re showing, if we look sexy, if we don’t, if we maquillarnos, if we nunca maquillarnos, if we don’t wear a bra? We are not prizes, flores, or possessions. Our bodies are nuestros cuerpos and we can do whatever we want with them. We shouldn’t have to hide them to feel segura. We shouldn’t have to hide them to be respetada. We shouldn’t have to feel ashamed cuando nuestra piel is showing. Algún día, if we keep fighting for this libertad, we’ll get it. Someday. Thank you to the beautiful dentist Melany for bringing this message to you all via her skin. It's hard when you work in the traditional working world to break societal norms, even if it is in the name of art and progress, but she did it anyway. She knows all too well how it feels to be objectified, and it'd be nice if someday that would stop.