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Love in the Time of Corona

Is love’s absence 
stronger than 

Sun, Mar 15, 2020 | Model info | Footnotes

I don’t have so much to say about the poem, because I think it speaks for itself, an eternal question posed not to answer, just to think about. Though if you think you have an answer, feel free to share with the rest of it. We want to know.

Instead I will talk about other things. Like how I was so happy to meet and work with Toluca native, Mexico City transplant and photographer Javier Diaz last week. How thrilled I am that our collaboration turned out so beautifully, artists meeting with ideas and feelings, putting them together into something special and meaningful and alive. And how much it fills my soul with gratitude that everything they told me about friendships in my 30's was wrong. They said it’s hard to maintain friendships in your 30's. They said it’s hard to make new friends, to have the energy to put into them.

But not only are my friendships a huge part of my life to this day, I am so often meeting new people with whom I have real connections, and over and over my community of real, trusted friendships expands and expands. Perhaps it is because of the law of attraction, and your vibe really does attract your tribe. Perhaps it is because I find interpersonal connection so important that I put a lot of effort into making sure my life is rich in that way. It must be a combination of both.

In these times of Coronavirus, when it arrives in full force to Mexico in the next weeks and really starts affecting us here in serious and likely depressing ways, we’ll be quarantined to save as many lives as we can. During that isolation, when the loneliness, cabin fever, anxiety, and fear kicks in, I hope you will have people you’re close to to lean on that make you feel loved and safe.

xoxo, Jessica