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Los Corazónes

The moon looks down
onto so many gardens,
hearts growing fields of

Sun, Mar 18, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes

When I met Raquel, she told me she was from Puerto Rico and that she was a musician. We were at an open-air artist’s market with live music and lots of jungly trees in Mexico City. It was a random meeting. We talked a little about my project, a little about her music, exchanged numbers, and that was all. When I got home, I looked up her music because I was interested. I didn’t expect to see songs with millions of views on her Spotify. I didn’t expect her to have a website listing accomplishments like having been nominated for a Grammy and a backup singer for Shakira. I didn’t expect be reading about an artist signed by Sony.

Why didn’t I expect these things? She didn’t mention any of it. There is this expectation that people with that kind of fame will have an attitude that exudes some level of privilege and power, and while I’m sure some people are like that, Raquel is not. Her personality is magnetic. She’s enthusiastic and talented and gorgeous all the way from the tip of her soul, and on top of all that, she’s kind and thoughtful and open and humble. Her fame does not define her. She is who she is.

Not that I even care about fame—it just happens to be there. I love real people. Raquel recently moved to Mexico City with her two canine life companions, and I can’t wait to spend more time with her. We all have people we just click with; she’s one of them for me. Our photo shoot to create today’s episode was more than just a photo shoot, even for Skin on Sundays standards (where no photo shoot is just a photo shoot). We had to remind ourselves to get down to business because we couldn’t stop talking. Best case scenario, really.

Today's poem was inspired from some of her songs, particularly "Reina Sin Corona" from her latest album 2:00 AM.

Look her up. HereHere. Here. Here. You won’t regret it.