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Impossible to Control:

As wild

Tue, Feb 4, 2020 | Model info | Footnotes

Last week I was in the wilderness surrounding Las Vegas. Most people don’t know it’s there because they stick to the parties and casinos, but I assure you, it’s there, it’s wild, and it’s waiting for you if you want to visit it. We went hiking down a canyon to some completely undeveloped hot springs.

It wasn’t an easy hike. We scaled rocks and used ropes and skid and scraped and jumped our way down, and it was as magical as it gets. The hot water was falling from pool to pool, down waterfalls. Some of it was so hot it would burn your skin on impact. The pools we went into were like jacuzzis inside of great red cliffs, not far from a calm shore of the Colorado River. You have to be kind of wild to make it there. There’s no way down other than to traipse through the wild.

Mariela, today’s canvas, came without really knowing what she was getting herself into. I told her to bring her hiking gear, that we were going to some hot springs, that there would be some climbing. I didn’t really know either to be honest. It was my first time there (definitely not my last, though). For some people, wildness is in our blood, in our souls. We seek adventure and we feel unfulfilled without it. Too much routine is depressing. Not enough surprise is melancholic. The unknown is exciting and relished and we feel blessed when we find ourselves inside of newness and challenge.

Our souls lead us into the world seeking the wild. As wild as a dream, we are.