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Imagine All the People

Two rivers stood
still when they met
and drank from
each other’s hands.

Sun, Feb 26, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Agustina is 25, from Córdoba, Argentina. She has an enormous heart full (seriously, full) of sensitivity, generosity, and empathy. Aside from just giving her love to friends and family, her kindness spreads to a higher level, organizing people to help children and families living in poverty in her immediate periphery, often those that have been overlooked by the rest of society. She is a beautiful, graceful star inside and out, a free spirit guided by both light and dark, sun and moon, reality and dreams. Our friendship can't be measured, not even by the seemingly endless depth of the turquoise sea we lived together beside.

This photo was taken in Agustina's current home, Playa del Carmen, Mexico by Jahz Gonzalez, an artist, designer, and photographer with the mystical third eye, showcasing his profound contact with the interior world. You can take a peek at his Instagram @jahzgonz for more of his work!