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Garden of Your Mind

Plant your goals in 
the garden 
of your mind and 
watch them grow.

Sun, Feb 23, 2020 | Model info | Footnotes

Tatiana is 21. She recently discovered her love of plants and has decided to study horticulture so that she can properly dedicate her life to her passion. Her plant journey is just beginning, starting with her own personal research by way of tending to lots of plants in her home and learning about them firsthand.

I think it’s awesome when a person figures out their passion and jumps into it headfirst. Part of succeeding in doing what you love is having a clear goal and feeding it positivity. That means you don’t tell yourself you’ll never be able to succeed, that it’s too hard, that you’re not ________ enough. That will only kill your dream. You have to water the seeds you plant in your mind. You have to tell yourself you’re going to make it, because if you don’t believe you will, you’re only standing in your own way.