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Garden of Yo

Love is a pequeña planta
growing in your forest.
you can not survive
from love alone.

Sun, Mar 25, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes

Perhaps you remember Raquel from last week's episode. In case you missed it, she is a recent transplant to Mexico City, from Miami, originally from Puerto Rico. She is a singer/songwriter of latin pop music. She was nominated for a Grammy. She played a lovely Tiny Desk Concert. And besides her numerous career accomplishments, she's a warm, soulful person who makes it so easy to be around her. She's filled with lightness and darkness, caves and mountain summits, sea and fields and forests and so many windows inside of her interior world.

If you're curious, which I recommend being, you should take a minute and look her up even further, because her passion is in her brilliance. HereHereHereHere. Seriously, do it.

Today's episode was inspired by the Taiwanese photographer and art director Lin Yung Cheng, known as 3cm_lin on Instagram. His work is brilliant and inspired and I also suggest looking him up for some mind-blowing art.