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I’m not free
until we’re all

Sat, Jul 4, 2020 | Model info | Footnotes
[canvases: Tatiana Babikova & Alison Lakritz]

There are so many the awful things about the US, things that destroy the ideals of true freedom for ALL, that we need to be working hard to fix. While there are also some great things, the reasons why the country is worth fixing in the first place, ignoring the injustice, racism, and bigotry is not an option. The changes we need to make might at times feel overwhelming, but the reality is, they start with each one of us. You really want to be patriotic, to show how “great” the US is? Use your voice, your privilege, and your vote to turn this country into something truly great—to a fair and just and lovely place for all. White women like myself who enjoy many luxuries that BIPOC have never felt, I’m looking at you. We also know forms of oppression—how can we live with ourselves upholding oppression against others knowing oppression as well? It’s wildly hypocritical to ignore it. We all need to be held accountable for upholding real freedom, the kind that includes everyone. I believe if we do this, we outnumber the bigots, and we can finally make the US a beautiful place for all. We have the power. We who believe in freedom and justice for all have the real power. We just need to recognize it take it.