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Existential Education

Finding the meaning
of existence
is only to know
is just the same
and more raw,
to grasp
that we only exist
in the present tense.

Sun, Jan 8, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Alyssa is 27, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She won't know this until she reads this, but she is a piece of the puzzle that inspired the concept of Skin on Sundays back in November 2015. Originally, the idea stemmed from the fact that the hashtag #booty was so popular, and a joke was made about writing poems on girls asses to attract attention. As a young woman who is proud of her beautiful curves, I immediately thought of Alyssa, and went straight to her Instagram account, where she had posts that boldly announced her booty as one to be reckoned with. I have known her since she was born. She is the epitome of a strong, independent, and confident woman, the type that young girls should look to for inspiration when society tries mold them into its tired cookie-cutter image. And apart from her physical beauty, it is hard work and perseverance that led her to achieving her goals. She has already accomplished so much at such a young age, no matter if you are looking at her exterior success as an RN, or her interior enlightenment, comfortable in her own skin and certainly not taking shit from anybody. I was also so lucky to collaborate with local Milwaukee photographer and friend Jason Hillman of One Deluge for today's episode. His production and postproduction photography skills speak for themselves here. He is not only talented, but a dream to work with; I highly recommend checking out his work and hitting him up if you're in the Milwaukee area.