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Every Relationship Is A World

In Midsummer
in the far far North
of our minds
where it is never dark
we pick wildflowers
we put them under our pillows
where our dreams are like bees
that fly through the garden
we make with
the most intimate parts of us.

The end of the parade
is a quieter street
where the hearts go hiding
like rabbits
when the rattlesnakes come out

I pushed the answer
to your message
out on a paper boat.

(I know of times
after dark where
you’ve become the sea.)

What borrows us
from the night, against sleep
dream machine,
insomniac in the garden with
the white roses & the white moon
a spotlight. No busted gods
nor their creations, no billowing
soul’s ghost, no
lost calculator. What’s left is
warm wind
gathering these
white petals

Sun, Apr 3, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
Sam is 34, from Portland, Oregon. Someone told me he was a bit shy, but I met him and he gave me the warmest hug I've ever received from a stranger. Fatima Eggplant is 30, from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a dominatrix and enchanting naked dancer in Portland, Oregon, and she adores her line of work. She also just dances for fun, at times naked, on her balcony, twerking her bare beautiful booty under the morning sun. Mardi is 31, from Janesville, Wisconsin. She is water (a Pisces). She composes gorgeous and original hair design in Portland, Oregon. Right now, she is in the last month of her surrogate pregnancy of twins for a gay couple from Israel, which is only one small example of the world of generosity that lives in her heart. Sarah is 27, and lives in Houston, Texas. She in an exterior introvert and an interior extrovert, which translates into a transcendent openness of spirit which she shares quietly with the world. Jamaal is 32, and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He coordinates airplanes, lovely puns, and guitar tones with equal parts sensitivity and seriousness. Amy is 27, from Cleveland, Ohio. She sings in the shower, in subway halls, in the laundromat and carries her ukulele and hoola hoop wherever she goes around the world. This is Jessica's second appearance in Sex on Sundays. She introduced me to the concept of joy billionairism, the philosophy of deriving genuine pleasure in the happiness of others, bringing light to the daily lives of the lucky people who get to be around her. Jaime is 25, from Stockholm, Sweden. He absorbs information like a sequoia takes sun and is a young wizard of drumming and music production. Susanna also appeared in a previous episode of Sex on Sundays. The soft blend of her voice and insight is therapeutic. Just imagine combining it with the sea and cava and dusky summer sunlight, and her magic becomes mystic. Photo taken by Candydub Media.