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Every Body

Every body has a soul inside.
Every body falls in love
with someone or something.
Every body feels love and pain
and anger and joy and fear and excitement.
Every body gets lost once in awhile
or even more than that.
Every body has wandered
and enjoyed the aimlessness.
And every body has wondered
if god exists
And every body starts young and grows old
and gets wrinkled and pruned and that’s
just the way it is and every body
feels afraid of that when it starts happening
as if bodies are only valuable and beautiful
when they’re young.
Every body is a little bit brainwashed
is what I’m saying
and it’s really hard not to be
with all the media around
trying to brainwash for profit.
Every body hates what they see
when they look in the mirror sometimes.
Every body gets bruised from a beating.
Every body should be held accountable
for its actions.
Every body goes hollow for a time
wondering what it all means
swallowing hard to hold it together.
Every body fails,
every body wins,
not necessarily in any order.
Every body gets dirty
when it plays in the dirt.
Every body has an ego
that stomps around like it owns the place
and has gotten in the way
of happiness.
Every body has light
and every body has darkness
inside of them.
Every body no matter what body
is touchable, is kissable.
Every body can make its own choices
about its own matters, period.
Every body is beautiful in its own way
and know that the ways of being
beautiful are not defined by the
for-profit media (remember what I said
about being brainwashed?).
Every body is beautiful to some body
and no body’s definition of beautiful
is wrong.
Every body is made up of essentially
the same parts with minor adjustments
and when we are ancient history
to another species
no one will differentiate
between one body and another body.
Every body wants to be loved.
Every body can to be loved.
Every body can break.
Every body can break another body.
Every body has the ability to be mean
and every body has the ability to be kind.
Every body has a soul inside
so when you think about another body
no matter what body
try to always remember that.