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Elemental Manifestation

Rooted Redwoodfully
impassioned as a bomb
flowing the way the ocean flows
provocative like a storm.

Sun, Sep 16, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes

Skin on Sundays is so much more to me than just writing poetry on people. It’s connecting with them in a way that I can make tangible through art. It's opening up a world of poetry into the realm of the every day. That’s part of why I call it physiopoetry, because it is poetry made physical when it is normally stationed deep into the metaphysical world, inside of the mind and the self. Laura is a nail artist, and owns a boutique nail salon in the Las Vegas area. She is a friend of my mom, and we were introduced during my visit to see my parents last month. She is outgoing, witty, and charming, a person that makes waves, a person that stands up for her opinions as well as the people she cares for. She didn’t want to read the poem until after it was already on her skin, and when she did, she started to cry. As an artist, art is a part of my always world; it is embedded into my life like breakfast. It’s easy to forget that others don’t live this way, and when they encounter the kind of personal art I do, it can move them to tears. I am so grateful for my gift, but I am even more grateful that I have found a way to share it with others in such a meaningful way. When Laura cried, I choked up too. It’s profound the way this project has brought me closer to humanity than I have ever been, as people let me see them in their raw states, people I have just met, even. These are the gifts that the physiopoems I share don’t always show, the behind the scenes that bring so much light to my being. I’m happy to share this story with you all today so that you can have a glimpse of what it is like to be a physiopoet.