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Black: Who I Am

In biology, they say
race does not exist
because it doesn’t.
Genetically speaking,
one human to another
has .1% variance, meaning
we are all 99.9% alike,
too similar to classify
any further than we already have.
This is science, non-negotiable.

However, life, as it happens,
has other sciences too.
Social science means that race
does exist, because we
invented it
and placed it into society
some would say
like a pandemic
like a wild fire
because of how it has
brainwashed us
divided us
enslaved us
killed us. “Race”
has been used
as a weapon
of power
used by some
to take advantage
of others
and the gradient
of light to dark
or as well call it
white to black
determines your life’s

Skin color
has become
because of injustice
and inequality
because of communities
that must be built
inside of those things
in order
to survive
skin color marks
where you began
in the societal race
in the pursuit of happiness
and it cannot
nor should not
be ignored

in fact
the cultures
that have grown
from the adversity
of dark skin
have created
such infinitely
and beautiful
and strength
that it has become
to imagine
where we would be
without it.

The significance
of skin color
is real
we made it that way
now it’s our job
to alter it
from its uses
for judgment
and hate.

We could
our differences
we could fall
in love
with human variety
we could see the spectrum
of skin color
as a blessing of nature
the same as we view
the spectrum
of all existing color
as a blessing
for its sheer beauty

we could
we could
we could.

Mon, Jan 20, 2020 | Model info | Footnotes
A special thanks to CeeCee, of Houston, Texas, USA, for her participation in this week's episode, as well as pushing forward toward black female empowerment so that younger generations can see her as an example of confidence and determination.