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Let the past
inform your future.

Mon, Jul 13, 2020 | Model info | Footnotes

[canvas: Sarah Manthe]

The only way history can repeat itself is you don’t truly learn from it. While sometimes it is hard to look in the face of history because of grave errors or ethical issues, it is necessary to evaluate the past in order to make the future better. This goes for our own personal history as well as societal history. It’s no easy thing to reconcile mistakes from the past, especially if we hurt people in the process. Still, ignoring those mistakes causes us to repeat them. Don’t ignore your past. Don’t slide errors in judgment, moral slips, or anything else under the rug just because you don’t like thinking about them, or you will be so much more likely to do those things again. We are made up of our collection of experiences. They shape us into who we are deep inside. Everything that happens, it becomes a part of us. We can’t erase them no matter how hard we might try. So, dealing with them the healthy way, facing them head on and working through why mistakes were made so they don’t get made again, is the best option.

The beautiful woman in my physiopoem today, taken on the beautiful shores of Massachusetts last week, is good at realizing how to move forward based on history. Her ability to accurately evaluate herself and her past and the past at large has a lot to do with her relinquishment of ego when it needs to be relinquished. Hope this Monday finds you well. xo, Jessica