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Did you know
that loneliness
is autoromance?

Sun, Jul 31, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
LaLa is 29, from Northern California. I was visiting San Diego last month, where we connected on Tinder (yes, there are a few of us out there using Tinder for making friends and not sex, as it turns out). Sometimes Tinder meet-ups can be super awkward, as in there is this feeling of aggressive unwanted energy from the other person coming out at you very laser-like, but we instantly clicked, probably realizing at the same time that we were both really chill and not going to murder each other. She told me about a local San Diego artist, The Marston Project, and suggested a collaboration with Skin on Sundays. I looked it up, and saw that what he was doing was spray painting these beautiful bears speaking captions around the city, and I instantly wanted in. When we all hung out, I felt so grateful the universe had brought us together, because it was easy to hang out, easy to chat about anything with them, and that doesn’t happen very often. Here is the finished product of my collaboration with The Marston Project, Autoromance. His other work is amazing too, so check it out, especially if you're around southern California. And so it continues, feeling this inspirational push to keep finding artists to collaborate with around the globe.   *Photography and postproduction by The Marston Project (Follow him on Instagram & Facebook!)