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Adventure Never Gets Old

Throw a rock
into the lake
she said
so you can feel it
in your heart when
it hits
the water.

Sun, Oct 16, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
Lillian is 72, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. She is outgoing and full of adventure, her spirit constantly renewed by her immediate, present world. Every day brings her something interesting to relish in. In the last couple years, she has begun a deep journey into Milwaukee to discover its hidden magic, much the same way a tourist would in a new city. She is my beautiful aunt, my namesake, a person who has spent so much of her life supporting those she loves with her compassion and energy. Her willingness to participate in this project inhibitionless is a testament to her devotion to love, and this photo, taken on the Milwaukee lakefront midsummer, represents the fresh passion she feels for her city.