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all this space 
where I 
could be & 
all this time 
to keep on 

Mon, Feb 18, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

Agustina moved to Barcelona last summer from Mexico (though she is originally from Córdoba, Argentina) after a heavy sequence of events involving psychologically and emotionally impactful abuse and loss, not to mention the subsequent issues of self-doubt that come with. That’s just the shortest version of it, so you can probably imagine what the longer version might entail. Moving to a new place can easily seem nothing but wonderful and exciting, but when the burden of the past weighs on you like your own home has collapsed and trapped you inside, the experience can leave you feeling aún más lonely/anxious/sad. The thing is, Agustina is strong and mystical and wise beyond her years, and time is working its magic poco a poco. She is a bruja, and her beautiful brujerías are enough to make believers out of even the most skeptical of mysticism. She reads energy, that which has existed before, that which now exists, and that which will eventually exist. Her powers lie in her ability to notice and see and open herself to both lightness and dark in honor of fully living in this world, for herself and for others. She is a mystical and magnificent woman who truly cares about the world around her; she radiates magic regardless of circumstances, as I'm sure you can see.