About Skin on Sundays

Hi. I am Jessica Lakritz. Skin on Sundays combines two worlds—the sensual physical world of the human body and the expansive and spacious interior world of poetry. I call this #physiopoetry. All poems are my original work and are inspired by their canvases. New posts every Sunday.

One of the most extraordinary things about poetry is taking something deeply personal and sharing it in a way that connects with others.  Physiopoetry aims to expand that connection beyond just the words by giving immediacy and life to what is being said and the people who represent these messages.

After studying poetry through both a Bachelor’s and a Master of Fine Art’s degree (the latter under the seemingly limitless wisdom of Christopher Howell at Eastern Washington University’s Inland Northwest Center for Writers), poetry became the center of my world in so many ways. My creation of this project is no doubt a response to my passion for the art and the craft, to help show others how powerful poetry can be.

In the back of the house, I have the pleasure of working with joy billionaire Jessica Lynch. She built the design for Skin on Sundays from scratch, she is my digital mentor, and a wizard of zen in her own right.

Skin on Sundays has collaborated with many artists since its birth in late 2015. These collaborations include:

Omar CTBathing BellesJessica Zucker, PhD, scrappyradishEder CZArely LópezAllmyfrndsOne Deluge, and Efren Maldonado. Thank you for your amazing artistic contributions in ideas, video, and photography.