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A Sister

Blood, for example,
is stronger than
the line between
This is one of life’s 
fiery, brutal,
beautiful gifts.

Sun, Jun 16, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

These two sisters are my cousins. When we were children, our moms were really close and so we naturally hung out a lot as a result. I actually used to “babysit” them when I was 12 and they were…11 and 9, but really I was just there as a sort of buffer to keep the peace. Krysten and Sarah used to fight like sisters when they were younger, the way that sisters that close in age often do. But as they got older, their bond shifted from obligatory love and loyalty to a deep secret-sharing, nostalgia-honing, pushing-each-other-to-grow, unconditional-someone-to-lean-on friendship. The kind of sisters that can sit for hours together in towels after a shower and talk and talk and talk like there’s no place in the world they’d rather be. The kind of sisters that can call each other out on their bullshit as candidly as can be, who can always have a good fight or get on each other’s last nerve and at the end of the day know that they will always have each other’s back no matter what.

It’s extraordinary really, when life gives you a friend who knows you to your core, knows the person you were when you were little, someone who has gone through so ridiculously much with you that your shared experiences through your entire lives have given shape to an unshakeable bond. Just because you have siblings does not mean you are going to be friends. But if you do form this kind of friendship, that is a very special gift, because not only do you have a soul bond, but you have a blood bond too. I just wanted to take a moment to honor and acknowledge how incredible that is.