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A Few More Favorite Things

Clogging the wheels
of the mind
with waterfalls,
one of our
favorite things.

Sun, Jun 24, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes

My cousin Sarah is closing in on 30 this year, living in Boston, Massachusetts, loving her unconventional life where she makes the rules of her interpersonal relationships, not society. Her relationships with people are what makes her life on the more unconventional side, how she understands herself, her desires, and sees more and more how the standard way of doing things and interacting with people just hasn’t worked for her. It’s such a brave thing to do (especially for an introvert) because it’s not tried and true, tested by society, and the outcome lies more in the realm of the unknown than following a worn path.

Sarah’s poem reflects how our trip to Austria (by the way, as I write this, we are still in Austria, and it’s as beautiful as ever) has helped to slow down our overthinking minds a little and simply take in the world around us. This waterfall is just outside of Salzburg, 40 minutes by train, another 30 walking through the tiny town surrounded by the Alps. This episode reflects one of the many stunning landscapes we have taken in as we’ve explored this glorious little country, known as the “belly button of Europe,” connecting the west and the east.

By the way, traveling with someone you love is a magical thing. Do it if you can. Not just your boyfriend or girlfriend. Your cousin, your sister, your brother, your mom or dad, your best friend, your other best friend, anyone you love. Go somewhere amazing with them and take in a new place together.

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