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77 Reminders

I felt the water
sipping me
from the garden
as a gesture
from the great circle.

Sun, Jul 2, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Marimar is 24, from Mexico City. She is not shy even though I thought she was shy when I first met her. I think it's just that people like her wait to open up in a calculated way that includes many logical and experiential factors (I recognize it so vividly because I am the same way). In that quality is the ability to build relationships based on solid rather than whimsical (and often false) considerations, making her connections with people all the richer. In another way, she is like a tinkerbell fairy of sorts, creating possibility and hope wherever she waves her metaphysical wand. It has been a pleasure and will continue being a pleasure having her in my life. Today's episode is the first of many episodes that are meant to open a window of understanding into what is the real Mexico City. Just as everywhere, there is poverty and there is wealth, there is ugliness and there is unbelieveable beauty, and there is magic. I see that people around the world are often mistaken about what Mexico City is truly like, and so I will be using the city as it exists naturally as the background for many upcoming photos in an effort to provide a more accurate representation. It means a lot to me to do this because this is the city I now call my home, and no matter how many ups and downs I go through here, I love it. This photo was taken at El Patio 77 , a stunning bed and breakfast in the heart of Mexico City that used to be an old mansion. It is one of the only hotels here that maintains social and environmental consciousness as a core element of its business, vocalizing its support for the gay community as well as contributing to the welfare of our planet in its practices. I am so happy they opened their doors to Skin on Sundays for this mystical photo taken in their garden. An enormous thanks to Candydub Media for spending a whole day with me at El Patio 77, brilliantly bringing this episode to life through his camera lens.