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77 Lucid Visions

The color of clarity
after several years
the way
its turquoise taps
in uncertain rhythm
its gold

Sun, Jul 9, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
MODEL: This is Marimar's second episode, part of a short series in collaboration with a B&B that is not only gorgeous, but socially and ecologically conscious: El Patio 77, in the heart of Mexico City. Originally a mansion built in 1890, El Patio 77 was later converted into a boutique bed & breakfast with eight stunning rooms. Part of the shared space includes the sala featured in today's episode, adorned with antique furniture and decor that makes you feel as if you've traveled back in time to when the house was first built, a magical sensation. Marimar has an elegance in her physical beauty and in her soul that fit naturally in this setting, making it easy to get the perfect shot, highlighting both her loveliness and the room where she sits. Thank you to the amazing Candydub Media for the brilliant capture. Her physiopoem reflects the consistency of wisdom, the way it impacts us no matter when in time each of us was placed on this earth for our short stay, a nod to both her own interior world and the room holding her here. This episode is the second of many episodes that are meant to open a window of understanding into what is the real Mexico City. Just as everywhere, there is poverty and there is wealth, there is ugliness and there is unbelieveable beauty, and there is magic. I see that people around the world are often mistaken about what Mexico City is truly like, and so I will be using the city as it exists naturally as the background for many upcoming photos in an effort to provide a more accurate representation.