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Womanhood, 2017

If only we could just be.
Instead we must be brutal
in killing old truths
that were never really true.

Sun, Oct 1, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Perhaps you recognize Laura, the 22-year-0ld Mexico City native from a few weeks ago. The more I get to know her, the more I see her as a young woman with a social gift. Her ability to wave a magic wand over a room and turn the ordinary into an idyllic scene comes with ease. She is also a fierce and true sister of the ancient sense of sisterhood, one that lifts the women around her up effortlessly, and I bet she does it without realizing it. Maybe that is why the universe sent her to me for this episode on the Mexico City metro. It's an idea I've had for awhile, though I needed to find the right representative for the message. The fact that a woman in shorts or a skirt on the metro in Mexico City will at the very least draw uncomfortable stares from men is in no way unique to this city. However, in my experience, here is the most potent place I've experienced it. On a hot summer day, I have taken the metro in shorts and have been subjected to countless whistles, catcalls, deadlocked stares, and have even been grabbed. I would never consider taking the metro in shorts at night for fear that much, much worse could happen. This is what keeps women in a kind of cage, not free to wear (and thus, do) what we please: fear. To be clear, living in fear is not freedom, and women, just as everyone else, deserve to be free. However, the only way this cultural atrocity will change is by women standing up to it. Somehow, we have to show the world that something like wearing shorts on the metro and on the streets does not make us sluts, it is not us asking for men to prey on us, it is not an excuse for men to act like unconscious animals that can have their way with us because they can't keep their hormones in check. We are wearing shorts because we it is hot out, because we like the fashion, because we want to, punto. These messages have to be made loud and clear as much as we can. I am not an advocate for women putting themselves in danger, but any steps we can take to push this necessary agenda, we should be doing in whatever ways we can. Laura should be proud that she is setting a powerful example to those around her, especially from the next generation, who see her as a woman being relentlessly herself, gender inequality be damned. +++ Once again, the young and extremely talented photographer Arely Lopez shines in this stunning capture for today's episode.

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