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Witchcraft for Vegans

There is witchcraft
in food
the body 
is conscious 
of suffering
not just our own
magic is both
light and dark
how we feel
seems metaphysical
the body has
they are physical
they can be
clarified or
they can be
mixed with 
or pain
so much arrives
in the witchcraft
of food.

Sun, Sep 22, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

There is this stigma that all vegans are super judgmental of nonvegans. It’s because the vegans that are judgmental are usually the loudest, so the perception of the world is a bit skewed. The reality is that we all make our own decisions, and most vegans don’t really consider whether you eat meat or not their business. The reasons they are vegan are personal and meaningful to them. Jenn is a psychologist turned vegan chef in Mexico City. She told me about how her total physical and mental state is greatly impacted by what she eats, which is one of the main reasons why she decided to becomes a vegan. A vegan diet brings her mental clarity and peace internally. Eating vegan means no one has suffered. Have you ever considered that the energy of the things we eat is transmitted to us when we put it in our bodies? If you believe that, then it can’t be denied that we put suffering in our bodies when we eat animals that have suffered. What they experience in their life is transmitted into us when we eat their meat.

Food is also about love because it gathers us together. Cooking and eating vegan means the food that she prepares and that she and others put in their bodies, food that causes chemical changes in the body, is only about love.

Whether or not you agree and are vegan, it’s something to consider. When you’re in a bad mood, feeling uninspired or lethargic, maybe what you eat has a lot to do with that. That alone is an amazing reason to be conscious of it. This vegan pizza was made by Jenn and it was so delicious. Don’t be afraid of vegan food! It might surprise you :)