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Don’t stand by
my dead body
and weep
as if you
didn’t realize
what was
in the
of your

Sun, Aug 13, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Robin Lakritz is 34, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Omar Cabrales Terrazas is 27, from Mexico City, Mexico. Jose Jarero is 29, from Mexico City, Mexico. Isabela Mora is 30, from Veracruz, Mexico. David Jimenez is 35, from Mexico City, Mexico. Ireri Millán is 24, from Mexico City, Mexico. Santiago Meru is 34, from Chiapas, Mexico. +++

Something horrible happened. It has happened before. It keeps happening. The steps forward taken in dismantling racism and putting it where it belongs, in the trash, are often closely followed by attempts to thwart the progress. The Neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville (their motives exemplified clearly in their confederate flags, Nazi slogans and salutes, and racist chants about whites not being replaced by non-whites) is a disgusting reality that must be faced head on. It’s not enough to abhor the alt-right and their hateful agenda. Remaining silent is not ethical when our brothers and sisters are being killed by our own law enforcement with no consequences. Stand up for what is right and speak up when you see these kind of atrocities—this is something everyone can do. Use your voice.

Race and borders are social constructs meant to unjustly inhibit people from sharing  wealth and power with those who hold it. They are not etched into nature and science. They are not real. Human beings are one race, and we all hold nearly the same genetic code that makes us human. As a person who has not only traveled all over the world, but lived in many parts of it, it’s easy for me to say that prejudgments based on preconceptions of what I’ve been told are bullshit. I meet people of all colors from so many countries all the time. Some are cool, some suck, but being cool or being awful is about who you are on the inside, not on the outside. There is no relationship between morality and skin color. There is no relationship between morality and what part of the earth you live on.

Things like what happened in Charlottesville are not going to stop unless we make them stop. The only way we can do that is to use our voices.