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This route lacks coordinates.
It is unmappable and therefore
more beautiful, do you see?
Led by roots, by scents, by astonishment,
we are nature too, remember?

Sun, May 22, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
Zoe is 32, from London, England. She is radiantly sincere in both her exterior and interior worlds. I think this is because her experience in so many parts of the world and so many different cultures has led her to an immense and deep level of insight, compassion, and wisdom. Stephanie is 29, from Utrecht, the Netherlands. She has a soft voice, beautiful pen sketches on leaves, and the spirit of a small songbird. Perhaps in another dimension she has wings. Olga is 31, from Vyshgorod, Ukraine. Her presence is quiet, but her energy is bold. In other words, she looks like a fairy, but she is really the forest where the fairies live. Amanda is 29, from Texas, USA. She’s an existentialist and a romantic. She’s wandering the world with lots of generous love to share with others. I feel sure of this after only talking to her for about 10 minutes (with an additional 5 minutes of mild internet stalking) because of the confident and open way she presents herself. Kyoungmi is 26, from Ulsan, South Korea. She seems shy at first, but then suddenly you’re standing under an umbrella in the rain with a group of friends and she starts freestyling in Korean. This is Toma’s second appearance in Skin on Sundays. She’s the type of person that will be the first to dance at a party and pick up garbage around before she leaves, the type of person that will give you the last sip from her cup and the last drag of her cigarette. She's a rare and beautiful breed.   Photo taken by Candydub Media