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You throw the pebble
then you are the pebble
then you ripple out
on the glassy lake
like a nimble

Sun, Jun 4, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Roxanne is 25, from Montreal, Canada. She is tough and soft and sensitive and honest and generous and realistic. She has been living in Mexico City for lots of years--she now speaks like a real Chilango. Pale angel in black, lover of cats, a girl with so many friends and still she has made the effort to make time for me even though she didn't know me before I arrived. Pretty much everything I've needed here, she has reached out to try to help me, including the uninteresting stuff like going with me to find inexpensive dish racks and curtain rods. Not everyone feels inclined to provide these types of comforts to their friends regardless of the inconvenience it may cause them, and even less actually do it like she has done for me. This is the kind of thankless action that speaks volumes about a person's character, Roxanne's character. I am wordlessly grateful to her for this, for providing me with true female companionship, for being an amazing and thoughtful and beautiful friend, and I am excited that we live in the same city so I can keep getting to know her more deeply.