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The Water Listens

The water listens
the ocean
the lake
the pool
the rain.

Sun, Jan 20, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

This underwater episode was brought to you from the magical land of Cocoyoc, Mexico, a teeny tiny town just south of Mexico City. The peace of this place, of being surrounded by a garden of fruit trees and green grass, away from the noise of the city, it is irreplaceable. I think I would go crazy without being able to escape the chaos. Ale was so generous to share her house with me last weekend, and there we relaxed, frolicked, and bathed in the sun. There we went where Skin on Sundays has never gone before: underwater. What a wonderful thing to bring photography underwater. It’s not easy with a GoPro to tell if your shots are coming out, especially because you can’t see them as you are taking them, especially because the words have to be clear and visible. And Ale jumped in the water again and again, and we took tons of shots. How amazing and even a bit enchanting it was to find something so elegant as we looked through the photos. I feel refreshed just thinking of that pool and that garden and that house in the country again.

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