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The Source

Wind plowing past you,
you play your chords
you dream you are here
between the sea
and the rocks with
a mountain or two
standing ahead as you
harness their place
on this earth
with yours.

Sun, Nov 20, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
Omar is 27, from Mexico City, Mexico, and is also featured in Episode 4 of Skin on Sundays. He has played a huge role in leading me to the deepest understanding I've ever had of how to connect with the source energy of the universe, and so visiting these vast dunes in Gran Canaria with him was a reminder of the magic in that connection. He is behind the new music project Kid Pistola, a lovely existential trip into electro-hip hop, where his wisdom and honesty reflect as he comments on some of society's darker corners. Omar's heart and mind are constantly drenched in music and art, an unceasing and inspiring quality that I am lucky not only to witness, but absorb.

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