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The Perfect Body

The perfect body
is the one
you are happy
inside of.

Sun, Nov 25, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes

The perfect body is the one you are happy inside of. I try to get this message across a lot, because I know how much it needs to be absorbed by so many people. I know how society is full of body shaming, how the media continuously perpetuates that in order to be pretty, you have to be skinny. I know how easy it is to start comparing yourself to others simply by scrolling through Instagram. We think: I wish I looked like that, all the while forgetting that we are worthy of love and respect and kindness and admiration just the way we are. How easy it is to forget that beauty is subjective. How easy they make it to condemn ourselves for our rolls, cellulite, and chub. You know what makes it easier to feel good about ourselves, no matter how fat or skinny we are? Seeing others happy in their own skin. Seeing people of all sizes being confident and body positive, feeling happy with who they are, with their fat, with their height, with their thickness, curves, short hair, long hair, brown skin, pale skin, with their anything. That is the reminder we need, and we need it just as much as we see everything else. I was so lucky and I am ridiculously grateful to have met this crew of empowering humans in Houston, from left to right: Isabella, Paige, Chris, Lena, Ceecee, and Jenny. Every single one of them makes the world a better place just by being in it, each in their own unique way. Follow them all for doses of truth, beauty, positivity (body and soul), and love in your feed. Their smiling faces are no lie. The perfect body is the one you are happy inside of. Thanks for helping me bring this message to life, you gorgeous beings.