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The Limits of the Mind

The limits of beauty
rest only
in the limits of the mind.

Sun, Feb 24, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

Last month in Barcelona, I got together with Boobs4Prevention and ended up not only making some really beautiful physiopoetry for this collab, but I learned something truly valuable. “Approximately 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. The World Health Organization estimates 2.1 million women being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, with 627,000 not surviving. Prevention is pivotal, but the key to successful treatment is early diagnosis.” This information comes directly from Sylvia, who runs the movement, in her study and research. The purpose of her project is to “break tattoos and build awareness around the risks and prevention methods related to breast cancer, by exposing boobs and making them the centre of attention. The spotlight is on our boobs, we are showing them and we are talking about them.” Even now in 2019, women are made to be ashamed of our bodies by society, and it is actually contributing negatively to our health. This is serious. The fact that touching our bodies (even in private!) brings us discomfort and/or shame is not natural, and in the end, a very curable form of cancer ends up killing many of us when it does not have to. In order to prevent that, we HAVE TO CHECK OUR BOOBS every month. We have to know what they look and feel like, really know, so we know if there are differences. Young, old, family history, no family history, every woman has a chance of getting breast cancer. The sooner we notice any abnormal changes in our boobs, the better chance we have of surviving.  Working with Sylvia has been not only enlightening to me but extremely important. We HAVE TO feel comfortable with our bodies. Our bodies are our homes. One of the first steps of feeling more comfortable with our bodies changing your mind about your own body. Love it. Honor it. Take care of it. It’s your home. Get more information about how to check yourself from this amazing resource Know Your Lemons.

Thank you so much to our beautiful canvas Aliki from Greece for being a part of this movement, both #physiopoetry and breast cancer awareness by way of #bOObs. Because of the global culture, it takes guts to show your body, no matter if it's for a good cause, for art, it doesn't matter.