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The Limitless Inward

Every connection we make
like an infinite ball of string unwinding,
we stretch ourselves further inward.

Sun, Sep 8, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

Connection is powerful energy. In life, we make connections that imprint and impact us. We make connections with other people, with animals, with nature, and they help us expand outward, and also inward. I don’t think our internal space has limits. I also think every true connection we make allows us to further explore our interior worlds, opening the soul’s doors to understand the universe more and more deeply. I believe this happens with every new connection we make. This is part of why we value the feeling of connection so much to begin with.

Today’s canvas is Lluvia. She reached out to me this summer because we have a friend in common. She ended up being able to attend a private collaborative event I had with female artists in Mexico City. The whole event was beyond beautiful, and of course this physiopoem was no exception. I’m mentioning this because this is one of the ways we connect with new people. We reach out or we say yes when other people reach out. We give ourselves the opportunity to make connections by letting new people and experiences in. It’s not always easy (though sometimes it is, and that’s awesome!), but in the long run, it’s worth it. The wealth of the soul can significantly increase by forming bonds with others and through experiences. For me, it is the way to become truly rich. It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with connection.


This episode was a collaboration with the amazing female artists, photographer Arely Lopez and makeup artist Erika Denis Tohe

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