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The Cosmic Law

The real sign is
that somehow
we ended up here.

Sun, May 29, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
Lily is 24, from Seattle, Washington, USA. She is as eager to truly listen as she is to share her ideas, which seems to me an extraordinary ability, as I have found that those qualities don't usually come as a package. She is fluent in Vietnamese, pharmacology, and sun-bathing, a mix of interests and talents that outline her dynamic and whimsical charm. Melissa is 23, from Seattle, Washington, USA. She spent some of her early years in Hong Kong, a decision her parents made so that she would grow up with a strong sense inside of her Chinese heritage. This type of polar upbringing, between China and the United States, reflects in how she can seamlessly observe and interact with disparate people and ideas with curiosity, openness, and genuine excitement. Lily and Melissa have been friends since high school, and recently spent a few weeks traveling Europe together for the first time, which is how I met them in Barcelona.  

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