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Myths For Hire

Take me wind
to where they
thought the flat
world ended, take
me there.

Sun, Apr 2, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Wonu is 22, from Toronto, Canada. She is the epitome of what youth can look like if you put your dreams at the forefront of your life. Her dream was to travel, and she has been away from home for years, moving solo around Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and soon will be off to Southeastern Asia. Eventually, the road will be leading her back to Toronto to, but her adventurous and curious and unconfined heart has left its mark on many people in many corners of the world, including mine. Wonu is a expert lover of learning, of lipstick, and being alone. We just met, but I will be following her adventures for as long as she keeps posting them, and I don't doubt that we'll meet again, somewhere. You can follow her too: @adewonuola (she takes fantastic photos!). This photo was taken in Barcelona, the city she has been using as her home base for well over a year.